Food industry

Food and translate english to french is the most important ingredient in our lives, which is why it is very important to pay attention to how it is grown, processed and transported. The productivity and development of agriculture has a direct impact on the quality of various sectors of the food industry.

There are several branches of the food industry: meat, dairy, fish, food products, flour and cereals. Thus, food industry enterprises that produce food products are divided into production: sugar, pasta, confectionery, bakery, non-alcoholic beer, wine, fruit and vegetable, tea, salt.

The main task of the food industry is food production. In the food industry, various production of food raw materials are used. They must ensure the safety of the consumption of food for human health.

The food industry in Russian cities is a huge success. This is due to the fact that many cities have large resource bases and well-developed agriculture. It is noted that Russia occupies one of the leading places in the development of the food industry.

Food technology is developing and growing at a fast pace. Biotechnology and high-tech equipment used in the food industry are aimed at improving food production. Along with this, agricultural machinery is constantly being updated and developed to provide consumers with fresh food as global demand for the industry continues to grow. Since the food industry is controlled by quality standards, the requirements for food processing equipment are very high. I would like to consider some types of equipment for the food industry: equipment for packaging food products; equipment for the production of wafer products, these include mixers, machines that cut wafer layers. Also in the food industry, washing equipment is used, such as: brushes, surface dryers, scrubs, dishwashers, etc. Washing equipment keeps production clean.