Self-service video translation from English into Russian. How to do it?

Have you ever had a situation that you want to watch a foreign film, video instruction, video, but there is no translation for it, and you do not speak English well enough? Some videos are offered subtitles, but often this is just a literal translation – a dry text that is not adapted for the Russian viewer.

Now there is no need to wait until the version with voice acting is released, because the translation of the video from English can be done independently.

How do I translate a video?
So, there are several options for working with text in a foreign language:

Try to parse the text that is being played in the video yourself. It is better to write it down on paper or in a computer notebook so that later you can study all unfamiliar words with a dictionary.
Download ready-made subtitles for the film or instructions on the Internet.
Use speech recognition software.
Text translation
A simple and quick way is to use speech recognition programs: the service “Notepad for speech input”, “RealSpeaker” and others. To work, you need a good external microphone (capable of recognizing even speech played at a fast pace) or a program that allows you to redirect sound between applications and devices, such as “Virtual audio cable”. This service records speech from video and automatically translates it into Russian, displaying it as text in a separate window.

In the speech recognition program, you will see two texts: one is original, the second is a translation into Russian. It is also possible to record simultaneous translation from voice. However, a problem often arises: a virtual translator produces a verbatim, incoherent text that is not adapted to Russian speech. It takes time to turn a set of words into clear, legible text.

As a rule, even the most modern programs do not always take into account the peculiarities of language, culture, humor and other subtleties of foreign speech. If you want to get a high-quality translation or dubbing of a video, please contact us.

Translation of videos to Youtube. Translation of subtitles.
If the video has integrated subtitles in different languages, it will not be difficult to enable translation of subtitles. To do this, click the “Subtitles” button in the lower right part under the image and then select the required subtitle language.